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About Paka'a Foil

Paka’a Foil is a full service foil shop, with lessons, rentals, demos, and sales of foil sets, foil boards and wing gear.  Located on Kauai, Hawaii, we also have gear available on Oahu. 

Since I was a kid, I was drawn to the ocean and started playing early in the waves of Southern California.  Leaving for the Naval Academy right after high school, the Navy offered me the opportunity to see the world as well as surf, kite and windsurf in a bunch of cool places.  I retired from active duty several few years ago with my family to best island in the world – Kauai.  

For me, learning to foil has started a new chapter in my life.  There’s a lot to learn and I believe one of my missions is to introduce and share honest advice about the foiling sports. 

I love to share the joys of riding on or above a wave and find winging and prone foil surfing to be my best kind of meditation.  ​Living in the moment and being in the ocean grounds me like no other activity. 

Any day playing in the Kauai waters is a great day.  Let’s get out and start flying!

Mahalo for checking us out!  // Jeff

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