Cloud IX FS Foil Set




Love the new Cloud 9 Foils.  I have been riding about 200cm2 smaller that my previous high aspect wings, with no loss in low end lift speed, and a whole lotta top end speed, and yes M8 torx hardware for main connections.

Cloud 9 has come out with something fresh, innovative and again unique to the industry. We focused our attention on the aggressive carving characteristics of the F Series like our F28 for example. We wanted to combine its forward swept trailing edge design which allowed it to be highly responsive with the speed, pump and glide of the latest generation of high aspect wings that are out on the market today. Our new FS (Forward Swept) High Aspect foils offer just that a perfect blend of performance and speed.  M8 torx hardware where it matters, M6 for stabilizer

Available in front wing size 550, 700, 850, 1000, 1150cm2 and 76cm or 86cm mast.