KT Drifter F 5’0″ 50L 2021




Superb first prone board, for bigger riders or as sinker board for winging.  This is the last of the 2021 models.  Contact me to order other sizes

With a fuller outline for ease of paddling and stability when in the air. A slight concave deck gives you a more connected feeling, acting like a skateboard deck where you always find something to push on when turning and pumping.

KT Surfing’s signature Quad Concave Bottom with beveled rails and concaves in the bevels are optimized for the softest and quickest touchdown and release.

Cutouts have been introduced for less surface area and to make the board feel smaller than it is. A beveled tail further softens the takeoff and release.

The construction is built around an EPS core with Carbon and Glass laminate encompassing the deck and bottom. Specific reinforcements create a zero-lag symbiosis with the foil.

All sizes come with inserts and pads, but without straps.

Carbon & Glass Construction.

Also available to order other sizes.
Available in 4’4″, 4’8″, 4’10”, 5’0″, 5’4″.

Track Box.

Topaz Blue.